I learned about flying from that………..nou vliegen was het niet helemaal.
Maar dit is het verhaal. In het Engels gesteld, in verband met mogelijke migratie naar SMS-Lite. Aangezien we bij de club allemaal LPE 9 hebben moet dit geen probleem zijn.


KLM Aeroclub has introduced an Aircraft Parking & Taxi Program as called for in the maintenance recommendations of the engine manufacturer. The program became effective end of December 2013.
The program involves running an engine and exercising components in manner designed to combat degradation due to inactivity.

The case

Being a ground operation only with no intention of flight, I performed a perfunctory walk around, checked oil and fuel state and proceeded to board the aircraft.
Using the checklist I performed the start up as usual and once the engine was stabilised, I commenced to taxi out as normal.
During the taxi out, I called the tower and indicated my intentions to exercise the aircraft and conduct an engine run-up at the inactive end of the runway so as to stay away from activity related to take-off at the active end of the runway. The tower responded with a negative and instructed me to proceed to holding point Alpha at the departure end of RWY 23 which was the designated run-up and engine testing area for EHLE.
The remainder of the program was executed without further incident and upon completing the program, I taxied back to the hangar as normal.


Although no actual incident occurred, a number of things were learned from this experience:
Being a ground operation, I did not undertake any preparation other than verifying oil and fuel state. More specifically:

  • I did not check whether a designated engine test area had been designated
  • I assumed, as is an accepted practice in the USA, that staying away from the active areas of the runway(s) would place me in a place where I would cause the least interference with normal operations

The assumed simplicity of the task led to a complacent attitude with regard to the planning and execution of this program. Also, I failed to perform what amounts to a pre-activity planning rather than a pre-flight planning.

The only redeeming feature in my behaviour was my call to the tower stating my intentions. Had I not done so and followed my assumption I would have placed myself incorrectly on the airport in contravention of approved and accepted practices.
A more complex airport layout might have seen me put myself and the aircraft in a totally inappropriate position with regard to other traffic with a possible incursion situation.


Artikel ingezonden door Eric Moen