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Training: 1 Introduction & Taxiing

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Lesson goals:

Important: Before this flight can start, complete the page: ‘Pre-requisites for this course’.
Goal: Introduction to the used training aircraft, the training environment and participate in the pre-flight preparation.

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Grading items

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Flight Authorization And Aircraft Acceptance
Serviceability Documents
Equipment Required, Maps, Etc.
External Checks
Internal Checks
Harness, Seat Or Rudder Panel Adjustments
Starting And Warm-Up Checks
Power Checks
Familiarization With The Aircraft
Characteristics Of The Aircraft
Cockpit Layout
Checklists, Drills And Controls
Emergency drills
Engine Fire
Cabin Fire
Electrical System Fire
Escape Drills, Location And Use Of Emergency Equipment And Exits
Pre-Taxi Checks
Starting, Control Of Speed And Stopping
Engine Handling
Control Of Direction And Turning
Turning In Confined Spaces
Instrument Checks
Effects Of Controls
Primary Effects When Laterally Level And When Banked
Further Effects Of Aileron And Rudder
Effects Of Air Speed
Effects Of Trimming Controls
Effects Of Other Controls, As Applicable
Operation Of Carburetor Heat
Operation Of Cabin Heating Or Ventilation

Held items from previous lessons

There are no held items from previous lessons.

Lesson standards:

Standards: After completion the student should have a general understanding of the subjects above.

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