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Training: 10 Spin Avoidance

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Lesson goals:

Goal: Introduction to spin avoidance including all safety checks.

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Grading items

Item Not Acc Acc Std Std+ N/A Demo Hold item Comments
Pre-Flight Preparation
Airmanship And Look-Out
Safety Checks
Clean Stall And Recovery Without Power
Clean Stall And Recovery With Power
Approach To Stall In The Approach And In The Landing Configurations, With And Without Power And Recovery At The Incipient Stage
Safety Checks
Spin Avoidance
Safety Checks
Stalling And Recovery At The Incipient Spin Stage (Stall With Excessive Wing Drop, About 45 Degrees)
Instructor Induced Distractions During The Stall
Circuit, Approach And Landing
Circuit Procedures, Downwind And Base Leg
Powered Approach And Landing
Crosswind Approach And Landing

Held items from previous lessons

Item Not Acc Acc Std Std+ Comments
Electrical System Fire
Lesson: 1 Introduction & Taxiing (03/06/2024)

Lesson standards:

Standards: the student must recognize any danger with respect to slow flight in all circumstances. And if not recognized the student must be able to recover from stall’s and spins from an incipient stage.

Debriefing comments


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