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Training: 4 Climb & Descent

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Lesson goals:

Goal: Introduction to climbing and descending (all configuration), including levelling off on pre-selected altitudes. Additionally consolidation of the previous lesson will take place.

Date of lesson

Lesson completed?

Lesson result

Grading items

Item Not Acc Acc Std Std+ N/A Demo Hold item Comments
Pre-Flight Preparation
External Checks
Harness, Seat Or Rudder Panel Adjustments
Starting And Warm-Up Checks
Starting, Control Of Speed And Stopping
Engine Handling
Control Of Direction And Turning
Parking Area Procedure And Precautions
Instrument Checks
Straight And Level
At Normal Cruising Power, Attaining And Maintaining Straight And Level Flight
Levelling Off At Selected Altitudes
Climbing With Flap Down
Maximum Angle Of Climb
Use Of Instruments For Precision
Entry, Maintaining And Levelling Off
Levelling Off At Selected Altitudes
Glide (Including Effect Of Power And Air Speed)
Powered And Cruise Descent (Including Effect Of Power And Air Speed)
Use Of Instruments For Precision Flight
Emergency drills
Escape Drills, Location And Use Of Emergency Equipment And Exits
The Instructor Will Simulate Previously Taught Emergency Situations As Applicable

Held items from previous lessons

Item Not Acc Acc Std Std+ Comments
Electrical System Fire
Lesson: 1 Introduction & Taxiing (03/06/2024)

Lesson standards:

Standards: After completion the student should be able to climb and descent safely (without interference by the instructor). At this lesson the student must demonstrate some independent actions of good airmanship (e.g. use of checklist, safety precautions).

Debriefing comments


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