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Training: 16 Advanced Turning

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Lesson goals:

Goal: Introduction to advanced turning (steep turn), stall in turn and recovery.
Secondary goal: Introduction to the spiral dive.

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Lesson result

Grading items

Item Not Acc Acc Std Std+ N/A Demo Hold item Comments
Pre-Flight Preparation
Airmanship And Look-Out
Applying ‘See And Avoid’ Principle
Use Of Checklist In General
Entry And Maintaining Medium Level Turns
Resuming Straight Flight
Faults In The Turn (In Correct Pitch, Bank And Balance)
Climbing Turns
Descending Turns
Faults In The Turns (Slipping And Skidding On Suitable Types)
Turns Onto Selected Headings, Use Of Gyro Heading Indicator And Compass
Use Of Instruments For Precision
Advanced Turning
Steep Turns (45 Degrees), Level
Steep Turns (45 Degrees), Descending
Stalling In The Turn And Recovery
Recoveries From Unusual Attitudes, Including Spiral Dives

Held items from previous lessons

Item Not Acc Acc Std Std+ Comments
Electrical System Fire
Lesson: 1 Introduction & Taxiing (03/06/2024)

Lesson standards:

Standards: After this lesson the student must be able to execute steep turns within reasonable deviations without interference from the instructor.

Debriefing comments


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