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Training: 29 Low Level Navigation

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Lesson goals:

Goal: Introduction to the problems in flying and navigating an aircraft at lower levels (below 1000 ft. agl). Particular reference should be made to the difficulties of map reading and emergency situations.

Date of lesson

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Lesson result

Grading items

Item Not Acc Acc Std Std+ N/A Demo Hold item Comments
Pre-Flight Preparation
Navigation Problems At Lower Levels And In Reduced Visibility
Actions Before Descending
Hazards (For Example Obstacles, And Terrain)
Difficulties Of Map Reading
Effects Of Wind And Turbulence
Vertical Situational Awareness (Avoidance Of Controlled Flight Into Terrain)
Avoidance Of Noise Sensitive Areas
Joining The Circuit
Bad Weather Circuit And Landing
Forced Landing Without Power
Gliding Distance
Precautionary Landing
Full Procedure Away From Aerodrome To Break-Off Height
Occasions Necessitating A Precautionary Landing
Emergency drills
The Instructor Will Simulate Previously Taught Emergency Situations As Applicable
Missed Approach

Held items from previous lessons

Item Not Acc Acc Std Std+ Comments
Electrical System Fire
Lesson: 1 Introduction & Taxiing (03/06/2024)

Lesson standards:

Standards: The lesson is completed when the student has demonstrated an understanding of the problems of flying and navigation below normal heights/altitudes, and has displayed competence in handling the aircraft safely in these circumstances. Additionally, the student must demonstrate the knowledge and ability to make quick decisions, in order to manoeuvre the aircraft safely to a suitable landing area in the event of the engine failure.

Debriefing comments


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