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Training: 6 Slow Flight & Approach

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Lesson goals:

Goal: Introduction to slow flight including turns.
Secondary goal: Introduction the circuit approach and landing.

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Grading items

Item Not Acc Acc Std Std+ N/A Demo Hold item Comments
Pre-Flight Preparation
Airmanship And Look-Out
Safety Checks
Use Of Checklist In General
Take-Off And Climb To Downwind Position
Pre-Take-Off Checks
Into Wind Take-Off (Normal Take-Off))
Noise Abatement Procedures
Safeguarding The Nose Wheel (If Applicable)
Slow Flight
Introduction To Slow Flight
Slow flight at (Vs1+10 knots)
Safety Checks
Controlled Flight Down To Critically Slow Air Speed
Application Of Full Power With Correct Attitude And Balance To Achieve Normal Climb Speed
Climbing Turns
Descending Turns
Circuit, Approach And Landing
Circuit Procedures, Downwind And Base Leg
Powered Approach And Landing
Effect Of Wind On Approach Speeds
Effect Of Wind On Touchdown Speeds
Effect Of Wind On Use Of Flaps On Approach Speeds
Effect Of Wind On Use Of Flaps On Touchdown Speeds
Flapless Approach And Landing
Wheel Landing (Tail Wheel Aircrafts)
Missed Approach
Noise Abatement Procedures
Emergency drills
The Instructor Will Simulate Previously Taught Emergency Situations As Applicable
Engine Failure After Take-Off (EFATO)

Held items from previous lessons

Item Not Acc Acc Std Std+ Comments
Electrical System Fire
Lesson: 1 Introduction & Taxiing (03/06/2024)

Lesson standards:

Standards: After this lesson the student should be able to execute the following basic manoeuvres: to fly straight and level both cruise speed and in slow flight, performing descending and climbing turns (at slow speed) and understands how to plan (not to execute) a complete approach including the landing.

Debriefing comments


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